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Each month, we have a drawing for employees who are celebrating their birthday and returned their entry to the credit union. The lucky winner receives a $30.00 Downtown Association Gift Card. So, when you receive a birthday card from the credit union, be sure to return the entry form in order to be included in the drawing.

Past Winners

Month/Year                  Name                                                                  
November 2017           Hannah Chewiwie-Frommelt, Food & Nutrition Services
December 2017           Robin Lescantz-Anderson, Facilities
January 2018              Brandon Mavity , Central Supply
February 2018            Kathy Showers, Physical Therapy
March 2018                 Jennifer Renaud, Surgery
April 2018                    Mel Kooren, Grant Creek Medicial Clinic
May 2018                     Brandy Cardin, HIM
June 2018                    Jamie Bartzer, Bio-Med
July 2018                     Kristy Pelletier, IHI
August 2018                Greg Exvang, Facilities Engineering
September, 2018        Danell Stengem, Learning Center
October 2018              Megan Parks, ICU
November 2018         Angie Walker, Broadway Pharmacy
December 2018          Karla Theilen,  Montana Cancer 
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