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Christmas Club Accounts

Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you this year…

We know the holidays come around every 12 months, but we still get caught off guard in the old pocket book.

Start a Christmas Club today to avoid all those stressful money worries during the holidays.

With direct deposit, it takes out all the hazzles.

Terms & Conditions

• Minimum deduction is $10

• Allowed 3 withdrawals in a calendar year (January 1st – December 31st )

• After the third withdrawal, you will be assessed $5 per withdrawal after the first 3, in a calendar year

• Automatically renews each year, unless you stop it

• Minimum balance to keep open is $5

• Must also maintain $5 in the primary share account, which makes you a member, thus, eligible for the Christmas Club

• You can withdraw from your Christmas Club at any time (up to 3 times, in a calendar year to avoid penalty fee)

• Can change the deduction amount at any time; by notifying the credit union by phone or email of the new amount so we can properly post it