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Step One

On our home page, click on enroll/sign in (upper right hand corner).

You will need your account number with the credit union.

For the email address, may we suggest using an email address you have access to 24/7.

On the website, select the Enroll button. Do not attempt to “login” at this time.

Once you have completed the enroll portion, the credit union will receive notice of your enrollment request.

We will notify you by your contact email address, that your request has been approved.

Enrollment requests received before 4:00pm will be able to login into online banking for the first time after 6:00pm.

Once you are set up for online access, we will send you the steps for establishing ID and password

Step Two *

Note – suggest setting up your ID and passwords, etc be done on a desk or laptop for the first time                 

For ease, be sure to mark this site as a “favorite”.

First Time Login

After we have established your access, the first time you login , you will need to enter…

…ID – your account number with the credit union

…Password – last four digits of your social security number

You will then be asked to change your ID, password, establish a “confidence” word and setup “challenge” questions.

Note, challenge questions are case sensitive.

Be sure to keep a record of these.

We will be updating all the day’s transactions & requests for enrollments at the close of business (5pm).

If you have any problems, please stop by the credit union for assistance or give us a call.

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